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Native Indian History

Buford Carty Farmstead

Arcadia Academy Historic District

Explore the fascinating history of Black River and the Arcadia Valley Region
while visiting the Log Cabin Inn

Stay at the Log Cabin Inn and explore the fascinating history of our region.  Observe a piece of the past where early Missouri settlements and farmsteads still stand.

Learn about the Native American Indian history going back to the paleo indians thousands of years ago when giant mammoths still roamed the area.  Don't be surprised while hiking or basking on the Black River beach, to suddendly look down and find an arrowhead, or artifact from this era. Sadly, the Trail of Tears also passed through the area.

n 1541, De Soto explored our region, including the Black River area and Lesterville (read more about De Soto and Native American History here) while pursuing his dream to find a northern passageway to China! After his "discovery of the Mississippi River", he crossed from Kaskaskia (Illinois) into our region, meeting five different tribes of Native Americans along his trek through what is now Southern Missouri continuing on into Arkansas.

After the Gads Hill Train Holdup in 1874, Jesse James and his gang made their escape up the Black River along the Lesterville Road, seeking food and lodging from farmowners along the West Fork of the Black River in Reynolds County.

The history here in Iron and Reynolds counties is truly a great read.  Explore historic towns and villages.  See Reed Springs in Centerville and the Buford Carty Farmstead in nearby Black, and don't miss the Arcadia Academy Historic District in Arcadia. 

View historic churches, antebellum homes, historic courthouses, turn of the century mercantile buildings, historic mills, and Fort Davidson State Historic Site. Many Missouri sites and historical landmarks are on the National Register of Historic Places.

To research the history of the area before your visit, and to take an online tour of the historic towns and landmarks to map out your plans, see this site missourihistorictowns.com.  If you're a history buff, you'll love this area!

DeSoto discovers our area in 1541

1800-1804 map

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