Log Cabin Inn is just 7 miles from Johnson's Shut-ins State Park, Missouri's Natural Water Park!

Cabins on Black River near Johnson's Shut-ins
Johnson Shut-ins State Park only 7 miles away!

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Spectacular Johnson's Shut-ins State Park!

Visit Mother Nature's Water Park, Johnson's Shutins while you're here!
Don't miss the geologic wonder that is Johnson's Shutins!  It's hard to imagine that 1.5 billion years ago violent volcanoes existed here in the St. Francois Mountains of the Ozark Plateau.  This is the origin of Johnson's Shut-Ins. About a billion years later shallow seas covered the area, depositing sedimentary rock. Then 250 million years ago the entire Ozark region "uplifted" and erosion exposed the volcanic rock. The waters of the East Fork Black River became confined, or "shut-in," to a narrow channel. Over millions of years, water-borne sand and gravel cut deeply into the erosion-resistant rock creating chutes, gorges and potholes.  These geologic marvels are what we see today at Johnson's Shut-ins.

The Shut-ins is only a portion of the 8,549-acre park. Read much more about the marvel that is Johnson's Shut-ins right here!

Johnson's Shut-ins Natures Water Park

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